• We guarantee professional consulting regarding selection of proper power equipment suited to Customer's needs
  • We cooperate with the Customer in order to design optimal technical and cost solutions

Design engineering of power equipment
  • We can guarantee our customers to develop for them new and customized design solutions fast
  • We can guarantee optimal selection of solutions incorporated in our equipment according to the Customer's needs and requirements
Production of power equipment
  • We use state-of-the-art machine line ensuring the highest workmanship and optimization of production costs
  • Thanks to many years' experience in production of power equipment our products feature high technical level, fine design, are functional and safe in operation
  • We guarantee short times of delivering components for production of our equipment, thanks to which we are able to complete orders in the maximum short time
  • We guarantee high quality of our power equipment due to Restrictive control procedures conducted at each production stage

Installing power equipment
  • We assure that delivered equipment is installed on site by the qualified assembly groups

Commissioning power equipment
  • We also offer start-up and post-installation tests of the power equipment

Service power equipment
  • We provide efficient after-sales service for our power equipment
  • We perform overhauls and maintenance operations on different types of power equipment installed at the Customer's place
  • We modernize power equipment at the Customer's request

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