ZPUE Elektromontaż Poznań - print version


We have introduced into our offer medium voltage switchgear ODRA 36

We have launched a new product - medium voltage minig switchgear RAWA

Owing to shop floor modernization, ZPUE currently possesses one of the most modern shop floors among all domestic producers of switchgears.

We have launched exhibition and training showroom in August, intended for current and potential Customers of ZPUE.

Premiere of our WIGRY container switching station has taken place during Energetab 2007 Fair.

We have introduced into our offer system of BRDA dual-system switchgears, which has been awarded Gold Medal of International Poznań Fair at EXPOPOWER 2007.

We broadened our offer by adding a new system compartment-free switchboards NAREW and container transformer stations MAMRY.

Our offer has been broaden by the state-of-the-art systems of LV switchboards WARTA and MV switchboards ODRA. Production concentration and advanced work organization process at our Equipment Production Plant allowed us to considerably reduce costs.

Implementation of PP module, based on the world-class SAP integrated computer system used to manage all areas of our Company operations, enabled us to accurately monitor the production process.

Newly offered products: small-size MV switchboards DRAWA, dual-system MV switchgears ODRA 2S and container transformer stations.

ISO 9001 and AQAP certificates granted to the company to verify compliance of our Quality Management System with the requirements of European Standards.

GOLD MEDAL at the International Poznań Fair in 1995 for distribution and control cubicle system PRS.

Implementing ZMR switchboards for production and installation of bimodular switchboards and control panels based on structural system Logstrup.

Production of unified switchgear ZUR for all economy sectors (house building, agriculture, automotive and machine industry). Our design engineers design equipment prototypes of the world-class technological solutions. ZPU starts a powder painting shop with automatic radiator painting line made by Swedish company Aviken and markets a bimodular MV switchboard RXP.

Putting into operation a new hall of the Equipment Production Plant (area 9.000 m2) employing already 320 people. It's a beginning of a decade of very intense production for the domestic market needs and for export (Middle and Far East, Africa, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Czechs, Ukraine and Russia).

ZPU manufactures among others control boxes for plastering compressor units, unified house building equipment, rural hydrophore equipment and industrial automatics equipment (neutral grounding efficiency meters, frequency converters, proximity detectors for lifting equipment, startup rectifiers for trucks etc).

Establishing the workshop base of the Building Electrical Equipment Production and Installation Enterprise in Poznań "Elektromontaż" employing approx. 70 people (area 1.500 m2). The workshops manufacture electric power equipment and industrial automatics cubicles for the needs of the Polish economy and for export (mainly to USSR). One of the timeless products were at that time LV switchgears in cast iron housing, working flawlessly up to the present day.