LV switchgear WARTA can be used both as main switchgear, and the smallest distribution switchgearsand control panels. Implementation of the whole electric power system based on one system enables unification of all equipment installed on the site.

Advantages of switchgear WARTA:

1. High safety of service achieved by design solutions ensuring internal arc resistance and use of mechanical and electrical interlocks eliminating faulty switching operations,
2. Use of the advanced and reliable switchgear,
3. High resistance to corrosion, thanks to the use of metal galvanized components and protecting the external door covers with durable paint coats,
4. Modular construction ensuring flexible modeling of panels and their equipment,
5. Precise draw-out unit system,
6. Robust construction ensuring high mechanical life and performance reliability,
7. Reliable bus-bar system, allowing to reduce maintenance costs.

WARTA low voltage switchgear system with withdrawable modules

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