Advanced engineering solutions and simple construction of switchgear NAREW ensure their safe and easy operation and maintenance.

Advantages of switchgear NAREW :

1. Compact overall dimensions

2. High safety of operation ensured by:
  • mechanical and electrical interlock system, which prevent erroneous switching operations when using the switchgear
  • executing all switching operations with the doors closed
  • signaling voltage presence in the main circuit
  • structural design protecting from internal arc effects
  • use of insulation plate in version with fixed C.B.

3. Simple operation and maintenance thanks to easy access to switchgear and connections
4. Incorporation of the state-of-the-art switchgear ensuring performance reliability of the switchgear
5. Different switchgears configurations are possible by setting up modules of various functions
6. High resistance to corrosion

System of Medium Voltage metal-enclosed switchgear NAREW

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